We would like to hear and learn from you !

If you have any thoughts on how we can improve, new ideas or questions, we would be happy to hear them. Don't worry if your idea may not fully match our current activities, drop us an email or write us on the contact form!

Elegant web and mobile apps

Designing web and mobile applications is all about user interaction. Write down your current work flow and question each step. A good application helps the user do the task in half of the time it was doing it before. Now deliver, test and iterate!

Web services that drive your data

Every Web or Mobile application is as good as it's backend. Having a rock solid Web Service to agregate your data efficiently is the key. The service should deliver your data in a format that can be easily processed by the gui is a must. Now make your project secure!

Intelligent automation

Is your app working as expected? Not sure? Then let's change that. Always use automated regression tests to test your new versions, integration tests to verify the entire environement and user tests. Next time you will know it, for sure!

Best customer support

One of the most important assets of our company is the customer satisfaction. We listen to both our customers and our employes and reach for the solution with the highest customer satisfaction rate.